Company Craftsmanship

...finest quality antique reproduction furniture.

Mr. George Atachian, Master Artisan

Mr. George Atachian


Hillside Furniture Co. produces an excellent example of the finest quality antique reproduction furniture. Hillside furniture was first started by a master craftsman, an artisan named George Atachian. Throughout the years, Mr. Atachian has designed and manufactured many types of modern and antique furniture. Since then, Mr. Atachian has accomplished many creations such as Hillside Cottage.

In an unfortunate event, the family business which took over forty years to build was destroyed by a fire.
Mr. Atachian has since helped establish Hillside Furniture Co. by offering his knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship. Every single piece of furniture that we create has a personality of its own, and has been hand crafted by our talented craftsmen.

Construction, surface finishing and detailing is unmatched in the industry, Hillside furniture utilizes bonded, doweled, dovetailed, tongue & groove joints for lasting durability. The finishing steps and formulations are highly confidential and are strictly exclusive to Hillside furniture, to create lasting beauty and durability of new furniture, with an exclusive antique look.

The result is furniture to last for generations, representing ageless beauty and discriminating, timeless quality. Hillside furniture represents quality workmanship you can see and feel.


The Hillside Family